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Here's What People are saying...

"This show was off the hook! The Buzzards smoked and then the Yardbirds come on. The evening couldn't have been better for an old rocker. Keep up the good work guys. We'll be seeing you again!" - Ken Stanton


"Drove up from San Diego to see the Yardbirds and was knocked out by The Beach Buzzards! Driving rhythm section and awesome guitar!!! Now I have a new reason to drive up!" - Joe Harrington


"Saw you guys at the Coach House. last night. What a solid group and great musicians. Really impressed with Joe on the drums!" - Jack Garland


"Went to see The Yardbirds at The Coach House last night and actually felt bad that they had to follow The Beach Buzzards. What a powerful trio these guys are. If Cream, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix were around today, they would sound like this." -  Cory Alexander


"You guys were phenomenal! Your lead guitar player was unbelievable. You provided a very good foundational base from which your lead could machine gun his riffs. Anyone who can sing while playing that complicated stuff has obviously joined the leagues of very few musicians ... We had a great time.  A whole lot of talent and I am sure it was a honor for you guys to get the exposure you deserve.  I guess it all proved to exceed my expectations by a very wide margin indeed." - John Skousen


"Hey Joe, Thanks for getting us out last night.  You're a frickin rock star.  We really enjoyed your band, you guys stole the night."  Tom White


"The concert was awesome. You guys brought down the house.Ken Wade


"The show was fantastic! The Beach Buzzards rock big time!! Your music is great and your energy is amazing! The 3 of you look so cool and work so well together.  It was such a fun evening. Couldn’t have been better."  Jim Zanotti


"The Beach Buzzards had the ENTIRE house on their feet ROARING after every song!!  THE BEACH BUZZARDS? HELL YEAH!!!!"  Bob Baker

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